Zealong Tea Estate

New Zealand is a beautiful place where you will get the chance to explore many wonders. There are many tourist attractions in the country where you can spend some of the most beautiful hours of your life. If you want an out of the box, experience then joins Zealong Tea Estate Tours.

What are Zealong Tea Estate Tours

At the Zealong Tea Estate, the world’s purest tea has been manufactured for many years. The owners ensure that the tea is grown in the unspoiled environment. With the help of Zealong Tea Estate Tours, you will get the chance to explore the most noteworthy and beautiful farms. They will show you the almost all the cleaning and manufacturing departments. It is one the best tourist attractions because you will get the chance to learn many new things. You will learn about the tea and how they grow it. You will start from one corner of the fields and end at the other. It will be an adventure full of fun and knowledge.

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What to do

Here are some of the things that you will enjoy during the Zealong Tea Estate Tours in New Zealand.

  • For the tea enthusiasts, it is an interactive two hours tour
  • First of all, the journey will start from the Zealong Tea center and you will get a chance to explore the history of tea. Especially how it was brought to New Zealand
  • There is a beautiful exhibition of tea bushes that you can touch and feel
  • For the ultimate tea experience, they will take you towards the pavilion
  • You will get a cinematic tour on the production and history of Zealong
  • They will help you to participate in the traditional ceremony where you can enjoy the private art performance.
  • They will teach you how to brew the perfect cup of tea during the ceremony.
  • The most noteworthy part of the journey is when you will get the chance to enjoy 5 different types tea prepared by Zealong
  • You will get the chance identify different flavors, aromas, colors and leaf styles.

The Zealong Tea Estate Tours will end with the perfect opportunity to take photographs. The estate has some of the best panoramic views that will allow you to take the photos you would prefer to Instagram. You can interact with different tea props, baskets and picking garments.

Zealong Tea Estate Tours | Platinum Transfers & Tours

Explore New Zealand

These Tourist attractions will be as if you are treating yourself to a culinary experience. There are different Zealong Tea Estate Tours packages. If you are curious you can select the best package that will allow you to explore the multiple facets of tea.

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